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Every once in a while, I will sneak back to Austin (from Santa Fe), to see the boys (Brad and Bill), catch up on the Horns and the Tex Mex food!

The first Lambda Alum I see will probably be Jay Kline, one of my pledge class buddies. The reason I see Jay is that we try and hit that little white golf ball straight down the fairway at Austin Country Club. After I rest up from my golf round with Jay, I will run downtown to see the boys and usually I will run into Mark Blumenthal. Mark was an outstanding undergraduate president of Lambda and I love to tell stories about when he was in UT, and afterwards when he returned to Austin.

I get to the store, see the boys, and call Donald Marcus, who lives in Austin now and also has a home in Ruidsoso, New Mexico.

I occasionally will run into Marion Stahl my co-Advisor, and like to find out how the "Old Doc" is doing?

When I think of Lambda Chapter, all of the ups and downs, I always think of two people, Marion Stahl and Todd Aaron. I call them the "Lambda Angels." Without their tireless devotion, Lambda would probably be a memory. Instead, it is still the class of the Greek System at the University of Texas.

So, If you ever see Todd or Marion, do me a small favor. Just walk up to them, hold out your hand, give them the "dead mans four and a half (Zebe shake)" and say "thank you for your service to Lambda."

Lastly, I cannot close without mentioning the other two Lambda Angels-Bill Koen (my father)and Richard Wells (my best friend), both of whom are no longer with us. Dad was a Charter Member of the Lambda Chapter of Phi Sigma Delta in 1920, was in the very first pledge class, and served as Chapter advisor for many, many years. He absolutely loved what Lambda stood for, and the opportunities that Lambda provided for so many young men. Richard was Lamdba (Phi Sig/ZBT) from head to toe. He served as the very first President of the merged National Fraternities---Phi Sigma Delta, and Zeta Beta Tau. He also was a Lambda advisor for many years.

I will finish up with one of my father's favorite Lambda stories. My father, Bill Koen, had to drop out of school his first year, but was still very active. He was the Advisor and was the President of Lambda Chapter House Association.

One day my father got a telephone call from the Dean of Men, and he told my father that he had reliable information that some of the boys from Lambda, broke into the synagogue and stole all of the wine. He told my father that he knew who they were and if Bill would bring them in and they would tell the truth, he would go lite on them. Dad went over to the house, talked to the boys, explained the deal and took them in to see the Dean.. To my fathers surprise, the boys lied to the dean, told him they did not have anything to do with the break in.

These must have really been bad boys? One of them turned out to be an All American football player, one of them became a Rabbi, one of them became a doctor etc.

Every day is and was an experience. What was the common thread of all the four Angels - They loved Lambda and wanted as many young men to experience the traditions and friendships of Lambda as they did!




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